Frequency questions How to get to Pu Luong

Frequency questions How to get to Pu Luong from Hanoi

1. How can we booking online?

It’s very easy. Customers click to, them following steps as below:

Searching for departure and returning day suitable.

Filling to the form with your name, nationality, address, email…etc…

Waiting to Puluong Express Bus reply and do payment.

Receiving electronic voucher which is enclosed with email and waiting for departure day.

2. Payment Method?

Puluong Express Bus accept payment methods as below:

Internet banking to VCB – Vietnam Commercial Bank

Payment via VTCpay

Payment via Paypal

Pay in cash at Puluong Express Bus office.

3. How can we know our booking is successful?

When your invoice paid successfully, Sapa Express will send you an electronic voucher including your name, number of passenger, depart and returning day, pick up point …to confirm your booking and payment, enclosed in your email.

Passengers can ringing to Puluong Express Bus hotline to confirm your booking.

4. Why  have not paper ticket?

Puluong Express Bus is tourism transportation company, we are not public bus. That’s  why we do not allow issuing paper ticket. Puluong Express Bus supply charter package or shared bus, and we send electronic service voucher to our customers to confirm their own booking.

Electronic voucher can be used which requiries their customers booking value.

Passengers can print, or show electronic voucher on your smart phone for boarding.

5. What is happen if we miss our bus?

Puluong Express Bus has request to all customers should be present at our office or pick up point at least 30 minute before departure. In case, passengers can not control their own time,later than departure, the booking is cancelled and no refund.

Puluong Express Bus do not respondsibility or solve the complains and troubles caused by their own customers if they miss our bus.

In the case passengers miss the bus caused by Puluong Express Bus our own (not including incident caused by the third part), immediately we arrange alternative service which equal quality to customers or refund 100% booking value.

6. Itinerary could be changed?

In case of force majeure, Puluong Express Bus must change itinerary, Puluong Express Bus will contact to customers as fast as possible, means your cell phone number or email are very important. It’s would help us contact you immediately.

If passenger do not agree with this changing, Puluong Express Bus will arrange other vehicle or refund 100% booking value.

7. What is our cancellation policy:

If Puluong Express Bus our own cancel service, we will contact to customers as soon as possible. Puluong Express Bus will looking for alternative vehicle, or do refund. Amount of refund depending on cancellation caused and when we inform to passengers.

Cancellation caused by you, we accept 80% refund if you notify 7 days in advance, after 7 days, we only accept to change the date for you. (regardless of reasons of natural disasters, epidemics, floods ..)

Cancellation caused by you in the holiday or Tet, we accept 70% refund if you notify 15 days in advance, after 15 days, we only accept to change the date for you. (regardless of reasons of natural disasters, epidemics, floods ..)

Cancelltion caused by Puluong Express Bus our own, and we inform to passengers 01 hour before departure, Puluong Expres Bus will refund 100% booking value. At 02 hours after departure, Puluong Express Bus refund  100% booking and we will pay for all extra for other  alternative.

8. Can passenger cancel reservation?

Passengers can cancel success reservation. But Puluong Express Bus will get back cancellation fee, based on net price. It’s do not excluding promotion or discount. Bank fee, voucher delivery fee..etc…pay by customer them self.